Hello all and thanks for stopping by.

My name is Talya G.A Solan. I am an independent singer – songwriter and producer based in Israel.

I was born in Rehovot, known as the city of science, but my

heart was  deep in music. In my work I’m attracted mostly to

ancient times, tribal singing, sacred and secular Jewish 

chants, natural singing, warm  Middle Eastern sound with

exotic flavors. I’m fascinated by the Hebrew language which

is my mother tongue but I have a special place in my heart

to Ladino (Sephardic), the language of my grandmother,

the language of my family and roots.

Until 10 years ago I have worked full time as a researcher for TV and media productions. The music had a daily place in my

life but still not wide as I wished and dreamed it to be.  Since then I am focusing mainly on music with Yamma Ensemble (Original materials mostly)

and Kedem Ensemble (members of various countries). 

However I still work from time to time in researching when an interesting suggestion appears 🙂

The long journey of bringing my music worldwide and sharing it internationally all by myself, has led me to found a not-for-profit organization

named Music Port – – which aims to encourage Israeli based musicians to share and spread their live music, concerts and performances